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Project Description


With a fashionable design of the sanitary products, it brings you a light and happy mood during menstruation period. A wide range of choice and colorful packaging that is easily recognized in the retail market.


“Laundrin” is the guardian of clothing in the life with a variety of luxurious and elegant fragrances. It is a well-know brand of fabric softener, made with natural ingredients that can be used for baby clothes. The current product assortment include fabric softener, fabric refresher, paper fragrance for room.


KAI was founded in June1908 at Seki, Gifu, where is considered as the home of modern Japanese kitchen cutlery. Its philosophy is to offer more high quality products to the mass. KAI nowadays has more than 10,000 varieties of products, covering razors, beauty products and kitchenware, etc.

Naris Up

Successfully built Parasola UV spray as the hero product.
Well-known skincare & cosmetic brand to both Hong Kong locals and cross border shoppers from Mainland China.


Lip Care series has variety of choices from basic lip balms to dry lip protection. Each of these products has unique features (to meet different customer needs).


A recognized on-shelf cosmetic and skincare brand in Hong Kong since 2011.
For cosmetic series, Lovefille is known as the brand of best coverage and PMEL has been created a “tearful makeup” trend with their glitter pen.
For skincare, a newly launched mask series – Liftarna Concentrate Black Mask which had been a big hit.


Penguin is a high performance household brand aiming to offer effective solutions to daily home cleaning problems at affordable price. The current product assortment include washing detergent, washer cleaner, mold terminator and dry dust sheet.

Cosmetic Cotton

We have over 90% share of the cosmetic cotton market in Hong Kong; we offering a wide variety of high-quality cosmetic cotton pads to the local consumers, the brands are Lily Bell, Selena, Lilian, Silcot and so on.  We are also supplying private labels for various retailers in Hong Kong, eg. Select, No Frills, First Choice, Mannings, Watsons and Sasa etc. Besides HK, we even expand our footprint in key countries, eg. China, Turkey, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippine.