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Project Description

“Laundrin” is the guardian of clothing in the life with a variety of luxurious and elegant fragrances. It is a well-known brand of fabric softener & fabric refresher, made with natural ingredients that can be used for baby clothes. Its product assortment gradually expand to room fragrance category and brings joy to life.

At the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak, Laundrin captured the rising needs of anti-virus products on clothes. To differentiate from competitors, a strong and bold “anti-coronavirus” claim is labeled on every fabric refresher bottle and recruited new group of target consumer to Laundrin. Series of OOH & online viral video also further build awareness on the brand and bring incremental to the total business.


Educational short video

With certain consumer base, Laundrin continue to recruit new consumers in 2021 with Sakura event theme where involves a series of consumer engagement activities. Impressive and dominant in-store display which successfully caught consumer, retailer and different media attention.

2021 – Sakura Event with fragrance testing and tailer made gift for consumer for purchase particular products.

In-store display

Product of Laundrin