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Project Description

Launched in 2014, Moist Diane has successfully won the heart of Hong Kong young ladies. Over the years, Moist Diane has generated great WOM with its unique & original blend of natural & rare oils formulations and dramatically changed the concept of NON-SILICONE shampoo. It continued to expand into different categories and answer specific needs of target audiences. As result, Moist Diane has become no.1 Japanese shampoo brand in key accounts of HK.

2021 – Launch of Be True hair care range to capture rising trend of clean beauty, with 1st local concept & shooting TVC



Instore Display

2021 – Line Extension on Perfect Beauty to answer anti-hair loss needs of young consumers. 360 campaign successfully generated big awareness among consumers and bought significant increment to total Moist Diane.



Digital & KOLs

2022 Moist Diane Botanical Campaign – Skin-friendly personal care from head to toe

2019 Diane Bonheur Campaign – Craft shampoo with fresh flower fragrances brings you happiness

Products of Moist Diane